Don’t just dream it, plan it!


Hi, it’s me, Daniela!


Are you DREAMING OF YOUR NEXT PERSONALIZED TRIP and YOU DON’T WANT TO OVERPAY a travel agent who will sell you pre-made packages with no flexibility?

But at the same time, YOU DON’T WANT TO SPEND WEEKS OF YOUR FREE TIME following the researching and planning process, that would be hard, long, daunting and, possibly, will not bring you the same results as a professional’s?

Let me do it FOR YOU!


I can’t wait to create the ultimate itinerary for you and your loved ones, so LET’S START PLANNING YOUR NEXT VACATION, so when COVID-19 is over – we can travel!






I will listen to your need and plan the best itinerary for your next trip


I am a 37 years old woman, who has lived in Italy, London, Brazil and Scotland. My PASSION for travel has taken me to 27 different Countries so far, and I have so many more to go! I am a travel professional, with 5 years of experience in both inbound tourism (Scotland) and outbound (luxury travel agency). I am also very familiar with the hospitality industry, having worked in a hotel in the past, and being the property manager of an AirBnb apartment here in the beautiful Edinburgh.

  1. I am planning to go traveling full time for a while and I will fund my travels through my freelance business, so THANK YOU in advance for supporting my adventures! It’s much appreciated 🙂


I can communicate and work in English, Italian or Portuguese, just ask me ?



How can I help YOU?


Who am I?

When I sleep, I dream about traveling. When I am awake, I plan travels. When I travel, I feel alive.

This is me, in a nutshell. I live and breathe travel, it is my biggest hobby, my deepest passion and my most rewarding activity.

So far, I have visited 27 Countries and I have ALWAYS PLANNED MY TRIPS ON MY OWN. Also, I have more than 5 years of experience as a travel professional, organizing trips for people from all around the world.

I love being able to find the best deals, organize the most exciting things without spending far too much money, and in general I love to have so many information to put together like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle! I read travel guides, travel blogs, I keep updated with the latest resources and for all these reasons, I am the person that my friends and family go to for advice and help with their vacations!

I am also transforming my passion in a full-time job, between my travel planning job and my blog


What will you get after you place an order with me?

  • Custom Day by Day Itinerary in a useful and easy-to-understand PDF file
  • Map (or maps) depending on the destination and type of trip
  • Booking Links whenever possible
  • Transportation and logistics information (international and local transport)
  • 3 options for Accommodation in each location with prices
  • Visits recommendations (with costs)
  • General advice for your locations

I will always do meticulous research to get you the best information and options, even for destinations where I still haven’t been myself.


Which plan should you choose:

As a Basic feature, I will research and plan for your 2 days trip in one destination (example: a weekend in London)

As a Standard feature, I will research and plan for your 3 to 7 days trip in 1 to 2 destinations (example: 5 days in Provence or 4 days London and 3 days Paris)

As a Premium feature, I will research and plan for your longer (7 to 14 days) or more elaborated (less than 7 days, but with complex itinerary) trip. Example: one-week touring Scotland or 2 weeks in Las Vegas and California.

I only work on custom orders, so don’t hesitate to contact me about your specific trip and we’ll find a solution together!


What information will I need from you:

  1. Departure & Destination City
    OR a list of locations you are interested in visiting.
  2. Number and type of travellers
    (adults, children, any assistance needed, nationalities)
  3. Timeframe, Duration of Trip & Ideal Budget Range:
    Do you know when you want to go, for how long and how much are you willing to spend?
  4. Vacation Style & Speed:
    Do you want to pack in maximum sightseeing, or do you like to have time to relax and unwind?
    Do you prefer to stay in hotels, apartments or more budget accommodations?
    Do you want to be spoiled with transfers etc or are you happy with public transport/car rental?
  5. Travel Interests:
    Culture, food, art/history, adventure, sport, relaxation, shopping etc.
  6. Any other info you think may be helpful!
    Accessibility needs, dietary restrictions, rental car, family-friendly, etc.





Will you help us with the bookings as well?

No, because most tourism establishments require a prepayment or the credit card info on the name of one of the travellers. I CAN instead send you the link to the booking site and/or help you with the booking if the site is only available in a language that you struggle with.

How many revisions are we allowed to make?

You’re entitled to an unlimited number of revisions! I want to make sure that the itinerary perfectly suits your travel needs and interests, and is flawless logistics-wise.

We wish to contact a hotel/travel provider/restaurant/etc. in the destination. Can you do that on our behalf?

Yes, for an additional fee of £10 per call or £5 per email. This might be super helpful for specific non-touristy places that struggle with requests in English or other languages (I can speak Portuguese and Italian fluently).