Capsule Hotel Hakodate: the best place to stay in Hakodate (Hokkaido, Japan)

For our 1-night stay in Hakodate, as anticipated in this post, we have decided to book a budget place and that’s why we stayed at the Capsule Hotel Hakodate. To be honest, only few times before we had been so satisfied of our choice of accommodation!

Here is my review and pictures!

This was not our first experience in a “capsule” place, having stayed in the stunning Nine Hours Shijuku in Tokyo last year. This new hotel was on the same level, but at a third of the price!

In fact, we paid about £15 per person for a standard capsule each and the list of the things we got was MASSIVE!!!


The Bed

We booked a 1-night stay in a single capsule bed (which is big enough to seat in with a laptop and relax), included all the bedding, duvet and pillow.

Actually, because the female floor was not full, I have been complimentary upgraded upon check-in to a superior private capsule room! I had never been upgraded before: what a thrill!!!

The Superior capsule is basically a very tiny private room. It is located in the same place as the standard, but has its own door (lockable), a small desk with chair and even a rope to hang clothes on!

For the price difference, I would definitely recommend booking the superior capsule if you are staying few days, or you need a place where to work from, or if you don’t want to keep putting your things in the lockers and just want to have the freedom of leaving everything in your room and go!


The Toilets

Males and females have separate floors, each with a cute blue/red theme all around (also in the toilets!)

Side note: in many hotels and even restaurants, in Japan, specific “bathroom slippers” are provided at the entrance of the toilets! I find it so comfortable and cozy to know that everybody that goes into the bathroom is using these shoes, it’s like keeping everything a bit cleaner!


The Common Area

We had free use of the ground floor lounge, which includes:

  • tables and chairs
  • Japanese “floor-tables”
  • board games
  • free drinks (different types of hot tea)
  • hot water (to make your own soups/noodles/teas)
  • microwave
  • mini-oven
  • free bike rentals
  • free use of shoe lockers at the entrance, so nowhere around the hotel there is someone walking with outside shoes!
  • vending machines and a selection of food and snacks at a very cheap price


Showers and Beauty Stations

Numerous, perfectly clean, beautifully presented and fully equipped shower rooms and sink/beauty stations.

There were SO MANY beauty products and tools available, that I have never found even in 4* hotels: tissues, hand soap, shower cream, shampoo, conditioner, 2 types of moisturizers/tonic lotions/face cleaners, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste, cotton buds, combs, hair bands, hairdryers and so on… Absolutely amazing!


Each shower has a large “per-shower” room, lockable, where you can comfortably get dressed/undressed without being seen and without sweating in a tiny space!


Extra Amenities

Face towels, bath towels, bath mats AND medium and large size pyjamas are available for free!!!


And this is me, ready to go to sleep, being silly with my phone 🙂


Washing facilities

Washing machines and dryers are available on each floor for a small fee. There are also hangers available for free!


The Overall Experience

On top of everything mentioned above, I must say that the staff at reception are extremely caring and nice! At check-in, they even take the time to escort everyone to their own floor and explain how everything works!

Also, everything here has a cute STAR theme, especially the indications and signs around! You can see it also in their Instagram page!



My Verdict!

As a traveling couple, we wouldn’t consider staying here for many days, because we wouldn’t like being on separate floors for long.

Having said that, the whole experience is made so comfortable and enjoyable by all the amenities included and the effort of the staff, that I would definitely do it again! I would recommend it even just as an experience, to save some money while still enjoying a lot your time!

If you wan to check prices and availability for the lovely Capsule Hotel Hakodate, click here!

This is all from me about this super nice place! Have you stayed here or in another capsule hotel that you would recommend? Let me know your experience in the comment box below! 🙂

Until next time… thank you so much for reading!








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