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The best weekend itinerary in southern Hokkaido (part 1): Hakodate

This weekend away to the South of Hokkaido, between Hakodate and Noboribetsu, has been organized at the very last minute, so all the planning was really rushed, but very well worth it!

Within the 3 months around Japan, we had originally planned to stay in Sapporo for 2 weeks straight. During the first few days in the city, we have been bombarded by information about things to do around the Region and places to see that we couldn’t miss!

And who are we to say no to a juicy occasion for a long weekend away (or two)?

The perfect guide to enjoy your stopover in Narita – Tokyo

Narita is one of the main airports in Tokyo, but it is also a lovely small town not to be missed. I have just spent a couple of days here and I found it so beautiful that I thought it would be nice to write about it!

You might have few hours to spend here in between flights, or maybe you have a very early (or very late) flight to catch and have decided to spend the first (or last) night in Tokyo a bit closer to the airport. Now you are wandering what to do in the free time and I’m here to help!